N9MS Mike in Rome, WI

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This is the basement Rome, WI ham shack. Main rig is Yaesu FTDX3000 and SoftRock I.F. SDR receiver for panadapter display.

Just sold this to KC9VXZ

Mike's shack showing Hammarlund HQ170, DX-100, MFJ antenna tuner, Kenwood TS-520. A TV monitor, notebook computer and printer round out the shack.
The Wisconsin made Lakeshore Phasemaster II-B matched up with the Hammarlund HQ-170 receiver

Mike Rome Wisconsin hamshack. Sitting in a corner on the right wall is a computer desk with a Kenwood TS-520, Phasemaster II B, and Ameritron AL-811 with three 572B tubes. On top of the linear is a Heathkit SB610 monitor scope. On top of the Kenwood is its D-104 mic. On top of the phasemaster is a power meter with the phasemaster's D-104.
AM station National NC-300 receiver, Heathkit DX-100

The Phasemaster "Indicator Eye". Shouldn't all transmitters have one of these?

The Central Electronics 200V with factory installed 160 meter band. This is from the estate of K9GZK. Please purchase this from me so I can give the widow the money! For now, the transmitter is matched with a Kenwood R-5000 receiver (formerly owned by WB9GKZ).

In the background is a Heathkit Cheyenne/Commanche which was my original novice station.