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Audio from October 18th, 2014 Final Vintage SSB Net

Vintage SSB NET Demise

It's official now, gentlemen... The Vintage SSB Net is no more. Due to lack of interest on my part and due to lack of reliable volunteers to schedule in as Net Control operators, I have stuck the fork in the Net. It is done. It was a great 6 years or so. My thanks to both of you guys for your participation. Mike, the web site is great...thanks so much for creating it and making it one of the most interesting ham radio sites out there. Tim, thanks for running tape every Saturday. You guys are great and the net was a success much to fact that you put your efforts forward for all to enjoy. 3840 will still be a gathering point for Vintage SSB operators on Saturday mornings. Thanks again and I'll always have fond memories due to your part in the whole Vintage fracas. Pat GKZ

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Remembering the Vintage SSB Net 3840 khz + / - 
Saturday Mornings 8:30 Central

Every Saturday morning for the past 6 years, the Vintage Single Sideband net began on or near 3840 khz run by "net control" WB9GKZ -- Pat in Green Bay or one of our alternate net controls. Listen to Pat's short history of the "net"  

YouTube Vintage SSB Net Video

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