WARAC Hamfest -- Photos by WB9GKZ


Seller said one of these units actually worked!

Yours truly tagging my broken SX-101. I marked it "Broken, no sensitivity"...$80, it went for $60! I was happy.

WD9JIM, W9VFD, WA9BZW. Three of our biggest fans!!!

This old Hallicrafter's receiver lasted about five minutes after the seller marked it at $100

Dennis K9NAM and Norm W1FIF

Jerry W9TKO got a hot deal on a Yaesu FT-101EE with Astatic D-104 mike. Jerry promises to check in as soon as possible!

Marlin WJ9Y

Here's a Heathkit HW-101, power supply that I bought for the sum of $50. Folks were turning their noses up at it and the seller finally just wanted to get rid of it, I became the lucky recipient...all he wanted was fifty and I obliged!

Tried it out and it works! Power a bit low at fifty watts, but, hey!